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If a person does not agree to the decision of the Patent Office, he / she is entitled to submit a motivated written appeal.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    An appeal against the decision of the Patent Office must be submitted for receipt of the service. The application shall be accompanied by documents and other evidence, which confirm: 1) payment of the appeal fee; 2) the circumstances on which the appeal is based.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Industrial Property Board of Appeal shall draw up a reasoned decision no later than one month from the date on which the examination of the matter in the written procedure has been complated, or when the session of the Board of Appeal took place. The Board of Appeal shall send a copy of the decision to the parties on the decision day or on the next working day. The party may, upon request, receive a copy of the decision on the premises of the Board of Appeal.


Position Price
Filing of an appeal against a decision of the Patent Office taken within the registration or post-registration procedure 170.00 EUR

The application can be submitted electronically, using E-address or e-mail address, if the application is signed with a secure electronic signature (if the application does not contain special categories of personal data), as well as in person.

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