Since 2018, the Patent Office has implemented and certified a quality management system as complying with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015.

In August 2021, a recertification audit of the Patent Office's quality management system was performed by an accredited certification authority SIA DNV Latvia. The audit did not identify any nonconformities and the management system was found to be effective and compliant with the standard. The Patent Office’s Management System Certificate was extended for the next 3-year period.

Obtaining an internationally recognized certificate confirms that the Patent Office is a reliable organization focused on quality and development and that its services meet the needs of customers and the requirements of regulatory enactments.

Quality Management System Policy

Quality policy specifies the employee actions in the respective situation.

Each employee of the Patent Office acts in accordance with international agreements and standards in the sector, regulations, strategic goals of the Patent Office, quality management system and needs of the clients, consequently ensuring the development of the Patent Office as an accessible, reliable and secure organization in the long run.

All suggestions for the quality management system improvement are analyzed and understood; the suggested improvements are being implemented in accordance with the processes established by the Patent Office.


The mission of the Patent Office is to ensure the protection of the industrial property rights (for patents, trademarks, designs and topographies of semiconductor products) and ensure an understanding on the importance of the industrial property rights protection, consequently contributing to the creation of a supportive environment for the innovation transfer to the economy for the cooperation between science and business.


The vision of the Patent Office is to be one-stop-shop for every person in the sphere of the industrial property rights by ensuring useful services and efficient communication and giving a possibility to protect everyone’s idea, which will facilitate economic growth and enhance the society’s understanding of intellectual property rights sphere.


  • Professionalism

One of the main values of the Patent Office is the professionalism of the Office’s employees, which allows us to provide state-of-the-art services, while implementing management and support functions of the Office and advancing and achieving the set goals.

  • Client-driven service

We realize that our clients are the cause of our success. We are committed to engage with our customers and respond to their needs.

  • Growth

We are constantly improving our operations. We acknowledge the value of every idea that gives us an opportunity to improve our operations, which enables us to reach higher goals.

Priorities for action

  • Quality assurance

The Patent Office within its competence provides services that are of a high quality, effective, up-to-date and accessible in the sphere of the protection of the industrial property rights, while facilitating further development of these services and compliance with the needs of the clients.

  • Raising awareness among the public

The Patent Office performs education and awareness-raising activities about the industrial property rights, consequently fostering efficient protection of the given rights and promoting innovation.

  • An effective human resource management

The Patent Office encourages manager leadership and employee engagement in the achievement of the set objectives.