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The trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application. Registration can be renewed every 10 years, each time for a new 10 year period. The trademark may be renewed during the last year of its validity, paying the appropriate fee

Process description

  1. Trade mark registration renewal request submission
    Trade mark registration renewal must submit the completed form, which includes:
    1) a request for renewal of the trade mark;
    2) trade marks which are to be renewed, the registration number;
    3) information enabling the unmistakable identification of the applicant;
    4) the list of goods and services which a trade mark registration renewal.

    In a single submission may require only one trade mark registration renewal.

    When submitting the application for renewal is due for renewal of registration fee.
    If the deadline for submissions is too late and of trade mark validity has expired, according to the Patent Office shall be granted the request of the owner of the renewal of registration of an additional six-month period after the expiry of validity of the registration and shall renew the registration, if, together with the renewal fee is paid an additional fee (see the Cabinet of Ministers on December 15, 2015 Regulations No. 723 " Pricelist for fees paid by the Patent Office ") The application for authorization shall be accompanied by an authorized person who has not previously represented the proprietor of the trade mark. The power of attorney may be drawn up in a free form, but in essence it must comply with the forms approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on April 5, 2005 Regulations No. 228 "Regulations on the Models of Trademark Registration Procedures Forms".

  2. The restoration of the trade mark registration and publication
    If the application for renewal meet the requirements of regulatory enactments, the Patent Office shall decide on the trade mark registration renewal.

    Details of the trade mark registration renewals in the National Register of Trade Marks.

    For information about the renewal of the trade mark registration shall be published in Official Gazette of the Patent Office.

    The owner of the trade mark registration shall be issued a statement from the National Trademark Registry for the renewal of registration; an extract shall be issued in paper or electronic format.

    Laws and regulations:
    Law on Industrial Property Institutions and Procedures…

    Regulations Regarding Applications for the Registration of Trade Marks, Transfer of Rights and Licensing Thereof…


Renewal of a trademark registration under Article 45, Paragraph 4 of the Trademark Law180.00 EUR
Renewal of a collective mark or a certification mark registration under Article 45, Paragraph 4 of the Trademark Law240.00 EUR
Extension of the term for renewal of a trademark, a collective mark or a certification mark registration under Article 45, Paragraph 5 of the Trademark Law90.00 EUR

We offer to fill in and submit online a request to renew a trademark registration in Latvia

This is the fastest and easiest way to renew your registration.

The application form includes the instructions and explanations on how to use it.

To be able to use this service, the applicant must be authenticated with one of the authentication tools on the portal

The application fee, including the applicable 10% discount for immediate payment via Internet banking, is calculated automatically.

The discount will not be applied if the applicant chooses the option not to pay the application fee at the time of submission.

The service is available 24 hours a day.

The application should include:

  • data that allow to clearly identify the applicant (trademark owner). The applicant's declared place of residence must be indicated in the Address section;

This is a paid service: Fees.

Please note that a request for the renewal of a trademark registration can only be submitted by the owner of the design or his/ her representative