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Registration of designs shall be valid for 5 years from the filing date. Registration may be renewed each time for a new five-year period until the design protection for the maximum period of - 25 years.

Process description

  1. The request of the renewal of registration of designs
    Renewal of registration of designs must submit the completed form, which includes:
    1) a request for renewal of the design;
    2) design, which are to be renewed, the registration number;
    3) information enabling the unmistakable identification of the applicant;
    4) a statement to which designs, where registration is subject to renewal of the complex.

    Only one in a single submission may request the renewal of registration of designs.

    When submitting an application for renewal of registration, a renewal fee for registration has to be paid.
    If the deadline for submission is overdue and the design expires, at the request of the owner, the Patent Office grants an additional period of six months after the expiry of the validity period of renewal for renewal of the registration, and restores registration if the corresponding additional fee has been paid together with the renewal fee. Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 723 of 15 December 2015 "Pricelist of Pricing for Patent Office").

    The power of attorney shall be annexed if submitted by an authorized person who has not previously represented the owner of the design. The original authorization must be submitted and, if the authorization relates to several submissions, a separate copy must be attached to each application. The power of attorney may be drawn up in a free form.

  2. Renewal of registration of designs and publication
    If the application for renewal meet the requirements of regulatory enactments, the Patent Office shall take a decision regarding the renewal of registration of designs.

    Information regarding the renewal of registration of designs shall include the National Register of Designs.

    For information about the renewal of registration of designs shall be published in Official Gazette of the Patent Office.

  3. The owner of the registration of designs shall issue extracts from the design Register regarding the renewal of registration; an extract shall be issued in paper or electronic format.

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Position Price
for a second period 170.00 EUR
for a third period 225.00 EUR
for a fourth period 280.00 EUR
for a fifth period 335.00 EUR
additional fee for renewal of a design registration within a period of six months after the expiration of the registration 70.00 EUR

We offer to fill in and submit a request to renew a design registration in Latvia online.

This is the fastest and easiest way to renew your registration.

The application form includes the instructions and explanations on how to use it.

To be able to use this service, the applicant must be authenticated with one of the authentication tools on the portal

The fee for the registration renewal can be paid at the time of submitting an application, using Internet banking.

The application form can be filled in and submitted 24 hours a day.

This is a paid service: Fees.

Please note that a request for renewal of a design registration can only be submitted by the owner of the design or his/ her representative.

The application can be submitted electronically, using E-service, E-address or e-mail address, if the application is signed with a secure electronic signature (if the application does not contain special categories of personal data), as well as in person.