Agris Batalauskis

Agris Batalauskis

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As of February 1st, 2022, Agris Batalauskis has been appointed the Director of the Patent Office. 


Work experience

14.07.2022 - until now. Mid-term international expert in the EU/Kosovo justice sector program EUKOJUST

15.06.2015 – 31.01.2022  Director of Project Department, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

04.07.2019 – 12.2020  Vice-chair of the CDCJ Drafting group on Legal aid schemes (CDCJ-GT-SAJ2), Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia 

01.03.2017 – 04.07.2019.  Junior Project Leader, Twinning Project “Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the field of human rights protectio14.02.2018.– 31.05.2019.  International consultant, Council of Europe programmatic framework “Horizontal Facility” Action “Support to Legal Aid Reforms in the Republic of North Macedonia”, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvians at the national level”, No.  UA 12 ENPI JH 02 16, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

02.10.2017 – 31.12.2019  Project Manager/Substitute Junior Project Leader, Twinning Project “Capacity Building of the National Centre for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Moldova”, No.   MD 13 ENPI JH 03 17 (MD/29), Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

20.12.2015 – 20.11.2017 Leading expert of the Ministry of Justice in the field of legal assistance. EXPERTISE FRANCE and the European Union delegations in Ukraine, the project "Support in reforms of the justice sector in Ukraine "Pravo-Justice"".

15.01.2007- 31.05.2014 Senior Desk Officer, lawyer in the Legal Aid Provision Division, Legal Aid Administration.


2008 – 2009  Master’s degree in Social Science Law, Faculty of Law, University of Latvia
2003 – 2007  Second level Higher professional Education diploma (bachelor’s degree) / Lawyer Qualification, Police Academy of Latvia


Latvian – native
English – understanding C2, C2; speaking – C2, C2; writing C2
German – understanding C1, B2; speaking – B1, B1; writing B1
Russian – understanding C1, B2; speaking – B2, B2; writing B1