Excerpt from Regulations No. 723 (with the changes of 09.05.2020) and Regulations No. 732 of the Cabinet of Ministers, December 15, 2015

Fee Description Amount of Fee (EUR)
Filing of a design application 40
When filing a multiple application – for each design in excess of one:
second to tenth design 30
eleventh and subsequent designs 20
Registration and publication of a design (including grant of registration certificate) 65
Publication of each reproduction in excess of one 10
Postponement of publication under Section 19, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Designs 40
Amendments to the application made on applicant’s initiative 20
Renewal of a design registration under Section 31, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Designs
for a second period 170
for a third period 225
for a fourth period 280
for a fifth period 335
additional fee for renewal of a design registration within a period of six months after the expiration of the registration 70
Actions with respect to the terms mentioned in Section 32 of the Law on Designs:
extension 30
renewal 45
Registration of a transfer of design rights or of a license contract 40
Amendments and corrections in the Register of Industrial Designs (including cancellation of a design registration on the initiative of the owner (surrender of the registration) under Section 36 Paragraph 1 of the Law on Designs) 30
Filing of an appeal 150
For registration of a commercial pledge mark 30


Designers – individual authors, who are applicants of the design, have to pay 40% of the respective fees. (Clause 9.1. of the Cabinet Regulations)
Designers – pupils, students, persons who have been granted old-age pension or persons with group I or II disability, who are applicants of the design, have to pay 20% of the respective fees. (Clause 9.2. of the Cabinet Regulations)

If the services referred to in Chapter III of the Annex of the Cabinet Regulations are requested by multiple people, they all must meet the criteria referred to in Clause 9 of these Regulations, which could reduce the amount specified in Clause 9 of these Regulations.