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The proprietor of a trade mark has the right to grant another person his or her right to use the trade mark in respect of the list of all the goods or services for which the trade mark was registered, or part thereof, by a licensing agreement. According to the nature of the licensing agreement (exclusive licence or simple licence), the issuing trade mark right (licensor), as well as the receiving party (licensee) assume certain rights and obligations.

Process description

  1. Application submission
    An application shall be submitted (in a free form), which shall include:
    1) a request regarding registration of a licence contract;
    2) a document certifying the information to be included in the register;
    3) a mandate, if necessary.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Patent Office shall, upon receipt of the specified fee, include information regarding the licensing agreement of a registered trade mark in the Register of Trade Marks and publish it in its official publication. The Patent Office shall send the licensor and the licensee a statement of entry made in the register. In such procedures, the Register of Trade Marks shall also include and publish information regarding the termination of the validity of the licence contract or amendments to the licence contract.


Registration of transfer of rights to a trademark, a collective mark or certification mark or registration of a licence contract45.00 EUR

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