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Semiconductor topography may be protected if it is a result of intellectual efforts of the creator of the particular semiconductor topography and it is commonly unknown in the field of manufacturing semiconductor products. Topography is considered the result of intellectual activity of the creator unless proved the opposite.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Applicant must file:
    (1) a request for registration of a topography;
    (2) concise description of the topography;
    (3) documents clearly identifying the topography and its elements which can be reproducable;
    (4) documents confirming a date of the first commercial use (if the use was before filing the application). If the commercial use was done by other person than the applicant the applicant should provide information on his/her rights to the topography and legal relations with said other person;
    (5) authorization if filed by authorised person;
    (6) document proving payment of the filing fee.

  2. Receipt of services
    Service is provided according to chosen way of delivery


Application for registration of topography of semiconductor products150.00 EUR

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