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The owner of a patent or supplementary protection certificate (PAS) has the right to grant another person the right of use of an invention patent or PAS by a licensing agreement. The licensing agreement for third parties shall enter into force after its registration with the Patent Office. A fee shall be payable for the registration of a licence contract.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The application shall include the following information:
    - the licensor (name and registered office of the natural person);
    - the licensee (name and registered office of the natural person);
    - the patent or patent application number,
    - the PAS or PAS application number;
    - the type of licence;
    - the duration and place of the licence;
    - date of conclusion of the licensing agreement.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Patent Office shall include information regarding the transfer of a patent or a right of use under a licensing agreement in the Patent Register, publish the notice thereof in the official publication of the Patent Office, as well as send it to the applicant.


Position Price
For registration of transfer of rights to a patent or a patent application, or for registration of a licence contract (with the exception of compulsory licences) 40.00 EUR

The application can be submitted electronically, using E-address or e-mail address, if the application is signed with a secure electronic signature (if the application does not contain special categories of personal data), as well as in person.

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