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If the owner of the trademark registration has not changed but there is a change in its name (name) and / or address, the owner of the mark shall submit to the Patent Office an application for registration of the change of the trademark owner's data in the State Trademark Register.

Process description

  1. The application of the proprietor of the submission of data change
    Submit an application (in free form), which includes:
    1) a request for changes to the data of the owner of the trade mark registration, indicating the registration number, as well as the number;
    2) information that the State Register of Trade Marks shall be amended, namely, the registration owner (name) name and address the current entry in the Register;
    3) information to be included in the Register, namely, the owner of the registration of the new name (name) and / or address;
    4) with one submission is complete, even if the changes apply to more than one registration, provided that the application contains all the relevant registration number.

    The application shall be added by a power of attorney if shall be furnished by the plenipotentiary party. You must submit an original power of attorney. The power of attorney may be drawn up in a free form, but in essence it must comply with Cabinet Regulation No. 5 of 5 April 2005. 228 "Regulations on Trademark Registration Procedures Format Forms".
    When applying for the exchange of the trademark owner's data, a certain fee is charged (see Cabinet Regulation No. 723 of 15 December 2015, Patent Management Fees Pricelist).

  2. Changing the owner of the trade mark and publication
    If the application for the change of the trademark owner's data complies with the requirements of the Low of Trademarks, the Patent Office decides to include the corresponding amendments in the Register.
    Make changes to the Registry's information related to the change of name (s) and / or address of the registrant. For information about changes to the data of the owner of the trade mark shall be published in Official Gazette of the Patent Office.
    The owner of the trademark registration is issued an extract from the National Trademark Register regarding the change of the trademark owner's data; the extract is issued in paper or electronic format. The Patent Office may require that evidence be provided if there is reason to doubt the reliability of a submission statement.


Amendments and corrections in the Trademark Register (with the exception of changes in the address of the trademark owner or correspondence address, changes in the information regarding the representative or minor clerical corrections)30.00 EUR