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Supplementary protection certificate is granted to product which is an "active ingredient or a combination of active ingredients" of a medicine or of a plant protection product. Each owner of the basic patent may obtain one certificate per one product. At the moment of filing an application for certificate the product must be protected by a valid patent in Latvia and a valid marketing authorization for the product must be granted in Latvia.This authorization must be the first marketing authorization toplace the medicine or plant protection product on the market in the EU/EEA

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The application shall contain:
    1) The request shall be granted supplementary protection certificate;
    2) the number and name of the invention;
    3) a copy of the first marketing authorisation in Latvia, which identified the product;
    4) the nature of the product;
    5) document on the application fee.

  2. Receipt of services
    The invitation to attend the Patent Office shall be subject to supplementary protection certificate.
    The service is received in accordance with the application of choice.


For filing of a patent application, for filing of an application for supplementary protection certificate, and for conversion of a European patent application120.00 EUR
For maintenance of a supplementary protection certificate for each year from 1st to 5th, or for each year of patent term extension550.00 EUR