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Receiving restrictions

The applicant or the owner of the patent shall immediately notify the Patent Office of any necessary amendments to the details of the Patent Register if the name and/or address of the owner or applicant of the patent changes or the representative is changed.

After receipt of the relevant application and payment of the prescribed fee, the Patent Office shall include the admissible amendments in the Patent Register, publish the notification of the amendments made in its official publication and transmit the notification to the applicant for the patent or to the owner.

The inclusion of information in the register of the appointment or withdrawal of the representative, or amendments to the identity of the representative, shall be made free of charge.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    An application (in a free form) shall be submitted which shall contain the following information:
    - the name and address of the owner of the patent;
    - if the applicant for or proprietor of the patent has a representative, the name and address of that representative;
    - the patent or patent application number;
    - the new name or address of the owner of the patent or the applicant to be included in the particulars of the Patent Register regarding that patent or patent application;
    - if the representative changes, the name and address of the new representative.

  2. Receipt of services
    A statement from the Patent Office regarding the entry made in the Patent Register according to the selection of the request.


For amendments to the patent register data under Section 38, Paragraph six of the Patent Law40.00 EUR