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The applicant, if he or she has passed a professional patent rights qualification examination, shall submit to the Patent Office a submission regarding the inclusion of information in the list of Professional Patent attorneys within two months.

If the professional patent attornay is required to make amendments to the particulars of the list of professional patent attornays regarding himself, the professional patent attorney must submit an application to the Patent Office with a request for amendments to the list of professional patent attornays, indicating the information to be amended and adding the necessary documents.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    - an application for the inclusion of information (or amendment details) in the list;
    - if it is necessary to make amendments relating to the period of validity of the civil liability insurance policy, a copy of the civil liability insurance contract must be submitted.
    If other information is changed, it is necessary to submit documents certifying the veracity of the information, except in the case of the address and contact details of the place of practice.

  2. Receipt of services
    The taking and transmission of the decision of the director of the Patent Office shall take place electronically or at the address indicated by the applicant within five working days. Amendments to the list shall be published on the website of the Patent Office within one working day following the adoption of the relevant decision.


Amendments to the list of professional patent attorneys15.66 EUR

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