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Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (The Patent Office), in cooperation with the European Patent Office (EPO), shall provide the possibility for Latvian patent applicants who have filed a national patent application to receive a patent search free of charge and an internationally recognised expert opinion regarding their invention.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    A request for a patent search may be filed online at the same time as the filing of a patent application, by ticking the respective box in the online form. Also a request for the patent search of a filed patent application may be submitted separately after the filing of the patent application, but not later than 2 months after the date when receipt of the notification regarding the granting of the patent filing date or not later than 3 months from the filing date of the patent application.

    The request form shall indicate:
    - details of the applicant(s) (for a natural person: given name, surname, address, postal code, country code, for a legal person - company name, address, postal code country code, and e-mail address);
    - information regarding the representative, if the request is submitted by the representative - given name, surname, address, country code, data of the power of the representative (if not a professional patent attorney), e-mail address;
    - the category to which the applicant belongs in accordance with Paragraph 14 of the Patent Office's Statute on the patent search.

    The request shall be signed by hand or with a secure electronic signature by the applicant or his representative, indicating the given name, surname and, if necessary, the position held.

  2. Verification of the eligibility of the patent application
    The Patent Office shall evaluate the conformity of the application with the requirements of the Statute on the patent search, and shall inform the applicant in writing whether the patent application complies with the criteria for the patent search.

  3. Submitting a translation
    In order to receive a search report and written opinion within 9 months from the filing date of the filed patent application, the applicant shall submit an English translation of the patent application (claims, description, summary and drawings, if any) to the Patent Office within 2 months of receipt of the notification of the Patent Office regarding the eligibility of the patent application for the patent search, but not later than 4 months from the filing date of the filed patent application. The applicant shall be responsible for the consequences of an incorrect translation of the patent application.

  4. Receipt of services
    The Patent Office shall forward the patent application to the EPO for the patent search and shall inform the applicant or his representative about the transfer by sending a notification.

    The Patent Office shall, within 10 working days after the receipt of the search report accompanied by the written opinion and other materials, forward it to the applicant or his representative.