Fees for the paid services of the Board of Appeal

Excerpt from Regulations No. 732 of the Cabinet of Ministers, December 15, 2015

Fee Description Amount of Fee (EUR)
Filing of an appeal against a decision of the Patent Office taken within the registration or post-registration procedure 150
Filing of an opposition to the registration of a trademark, design or topography of semiconductor products 180
Postponing the examination of the matter 30
Extension of the time period for the examination of a matter, to agree on settlement 20
Extension of the procedural time period 30
Additional fee for a repeated extension of the procedural time period 40
Renewal of the delayed procedural time period 45
Additional fee for the examination of a matter in the oral procedure 80

If a settlement is concluded or a notice of opposition is completely withdrawn before the end of the time period for providing the response of the owner of the contested registration, the Board of Appeal upon terminating the opposition proceedings, shall reimburse to the submitter of the notice of opposition 50 per cent of the fee paid for submitting a notice of opposition.