Excerpt from Regulations No. 723 (with the changes of 09.05.2020) and Regulations No. 732 of the Cabinet of Ministers, December 15, 2015

Fee Description Amount
of Fee (EUR)
40% *
20% **
For filing of a patent application, for filing of an application for supplementary protection certificate, and for conversion of a European patent application 120 48 24
For each claim in excess of 10 in a patent application 20 8 4
For grant of a patent and for its publication 90 36 18
For each page of description and claims in excess of 10 in patent publication and patent register 5 2 1
For amendments, corrections or clarifications in the description or claims of the application made on applicant’s initiative 50 20 10
For other amendments to the application made on applicant’s initiative 20 8 4
For publication of the translation of claims of an European patent and of an extended European patent, and for publication of corrected translation 40 16 8
For patent maintenance2, 3:
for 3rd year 90 36 18
for 4th year 120 48 24
for 5th year 140 56 28
for 6th year 160 64 32
for 7th year 180 72 36
for 8th year 220 88 44
for 9th year 270 108 54
for each year from 10th to 15th 320 128 64
for each year from 16th to 20th 420 168 84
For maintenance of a supplementary protection certificate for each year from 1st to 5th, or for each year of patent term extension 550 220 110
For extension of time limits under Section 44 of the Patent Law 25 10 5
For further processing of a patent application after non-observance of time limits under Section 45 of the Patent Law 45 18 9
For re-establishment of rights under Section 46 of the Patent Law 90 36 18
For limiting the patent scope under Section 58 of the Patent Law 70 28 14
For registration of transfer of rights to a patent or a patent application, or for registration of a licence contract (with the exception of compulsory licences) 40 16 8
For amendments to the patent register data under Section 38, Paragraph six of the Patent Law 40 16 8
For filing an appeal against a decision taken by the Patent Office 150 60 30
For preparation of documents of an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for transmission if the respective application has been filed with the Patent Office as a receiving office 70 - -
For registration of a commercial pledge mark 30 - -


* inventors, who are patent applicants, have to pay 40% of the respective fees (Clause 8.1. of the Cabinet Regulations)

** inventors – pupils, students, persons who have been granted old-age pension or persons with group I or II disability, who are patent applicants, have to pay 20% of the respective fees (Clause 8.2. of the Cabinet Regulations)

If the services referred to in Chapter I of the Annex of the Cabinet Regulations are requested by multiple people, they all must meet the criteria referred to in Clause 8 of these Regulations, which could reduce the amount specified in Clause 8 of these Regulations.


2 If the patent maintenance fee has not been paid within the time limit specified in Section 43 of the Patent Law, an additional fee shall be paid in the amount of 25% from the maintenance fee which has not been paid.

3 If the patent owner grants the right to utilise the patent to any interested person (open licence), the patent maintenance fee, in accordance with Section 53 of the Patent Law, is reduced by 50%.