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The winner of the schoolchildren’s competition “Creative Intellectual” organized by the Patent Office and of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Schoolchildren’s Trophy has been announced. It was “Intellectual Games" - the joint team of 11th and 12th grade schoolchildren from Jānis Eglītis Preili State Gymnasium and Riga State German Gymnasium respectively. The winner of the Trophy has been announced by Jānis Bordāns, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice.

Komanda Intelektuālās spēles

The team composed of three schoolchildren - Ritvars Vjakse, Rihards Feldmanis and Jānis Bečs - developed, under the guidance of their schoolteacher Zenta Juranča, a website containing three interesting interactive tasks, upon completing which you could immediately see if your answers were correct and check your errors. This team also won the first place in the age group from 10th to 12th grade.

"We were really surprised and inspired by the schoolchildren’s imagination, especially at a time when teaching takes place both online and remotely, the situation constantly changing," said Baiba Graube, Acting Director of the Patent Office, “the young people were really creative and prepared the tasks that would be interesting for coevals and also make adults think about the right answer. I am pleased that we are increasingly seeing the advent of technology in schoolchildren’s daily lives, demonstrated by the team that has won the Schoolchildren’s Trophy and designed the website that could be used by teachers in the teaching process.”

The 11th grade schoolchildren’s team "Creative Trio" from Riga Secondary School No. 45 took the second place, and the third one went to the third-year students’ team "Valuable and Creative!" from Jēkabpils Agribusiness College.

Komanda Sapņu pults

In the age group from 7th to 9th grade, the first-place winner became the team of the 7th grade schoolchildren from Riga Cultures Secondary School and Purvciems Secondary School Elizabete Ose and Adelīna Beitika respectively, who created, with their teacher Edmunds Dariāns Krops’ assistance, a comic strip with tasks to complete called “Dream Remote Control”. This work is not only exciting, but it also teaches about the necessity of protecting inventions by encouraging its users to express themselves creatively and generate new ideas. The second place was won by the 8th grade schoolchildren’s team "L.A.R." from Riga Secondary School No 33. The jury decided not to award the third place this year.

Komanda Iepazīsti intelektuālo īpašumu

In the youngest age group from 4th to 6th grade, the winner became the 6th grade schoolchildren’s team “Become Acquainted with Intellectual Property” from Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium, where schoolchildren Elizabete Petenoka, Krists Sakniņš and Karlīne Kalniņa worked under the supervision of their teacher Guntra Gaidlazda. This team created a variety of crossword puzzles and an interesting board game teaching about the importance of intellectual property. The second-place award was won by the 6th grade schoolchildren’s team "Are You So Smart?" from Valka Jānis Cimze Gymnasium, while the third place was won by the 5th grade schoolchildren’s team “VIKAR” from Aizkraukle Region Secondary School.

The 11th grade schoolchildren’s team “Think, Do, Win!” from Jaunjelgava Secondary School   received the Patent Office’s Promotion Award, while the 10th grade schoolchildren’s team “Tasks for Young People” from Jaunjelgava Secondary School received “Garmin” Incentive Award.

The closing event of the online schoolchildren’s competition "Creative Intellectual" was hosted by charming Sanda Dejus, a radio and television presenter, while inspiration stories were shared by Aksels Zingulis, a co-founder of “RocketGrip” producing hockey stick grip tapes, and Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris, members of the pop music group “Musiqq”.

This year, a record-high number of teams took part in the schoolchildren’s competition "Creative Intellectual" organized by the Patent Office - a total of 48 teams in three age groups competed for the prizes. Schoolchildren’s task was to produce three creative works on the topic of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs, etc.) that would be relevant to coevals, based on the methodological material “The Journey into the World of Industrial Property”. Schoolchildren could prepare such works by making photographs, creating tests, games, and crossword puzzles, as well as by other creative expressions, to raise overall interest in intellectual property and its importance for entrepreneurship.

We would like to remind you that each of the first-place winners received a FORERUNNER 45 / 45S smartwatch. The second-place winners received a Razor A125 Kick Scooter Clear GS, and the third-place winners received an Aftershokz Open Move headset. All teachers who provided help to the teams received gift cards from the bookstore "Jānis Roze". The conduct of the competition was supported by the European Union Intellectual Property Office