The Patent Office undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 445 of 14 July 2020  Procedures for sharing public sector information online (hereinafter - Regulation No 445).

This accessibility statement applies to the website

The website’s accessibility was evaluated in a simplified way. It was based on the ‘Guidelines for accessibility compliance and disproportionate burden assessment of public sector websites’ prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

How accessible is this website?

The website of the Patent Office partially complies with Regulation No. 445. The following discrepancies have been identified during the evaluation process:

  • To zoom the text size, a single-platform scaling solution should be used instead of the solutions offered by Internet browsers.
  • It is not possible to access the services’ tabs using the keyboard, and there is no visual focus on coloured elements. It depends on the design of the website and cannot be corrected manually.
  • The service headings’ tabs are not defined as headlines. It depends on the design of the website and cannot be corrected manually.

This website was evaluated on 28.04.2021. The evaluation was carried out by the employees of the Patent Office.

Document supporting the assessment.

Accessibility alternatives

To get currently unavailable website content in other formats, please contact the Patent Office by e-mail at

Feedback and communication

We are constantly trying to improve the accessibility of the Patent Office's website.

If you find any problems or shortcomings that are not mentioned in this accessibility notification, or if you would like to receive inaccessible content in other formats, please contact us:

Tel.: +371 67223169


You can report accessibility problems by:
Tel.: +371 67223169

If we have not responded adequately to your submission or complaint regarding the accessibility of the content of the website, you have the opportunity to submit a complaint to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia.

Ombudsman's Office: Baznīcas iela 25, Riga, LV-1010
Phone: +371 67686768
The Ombudsman’s Office

Preparation of the accessibility notification

This notification was prepared on 29.04.2021