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On 8 February, an annual bilateral meeting of the Patent Office (LPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) was held online. At the meeting, representatives of both institutions discussed the possibilities of cooperation, emphasizing the LPO performance in the current projects and outlining the future activities for the coming years.

The EUIPO representatives were presented with the LPO development plan of the current European cooperation projects, their status, progress, and performance indicators.

Speaking at the meeting, the LPO director Agris Batalauskis emphasized the importance of cooperation for improving and optimising the operation of the institution: "Thanks to the support of our cooperation partner, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, LPO has the opportunity to get involved in new projects. LPO appreciates the cooperation opportunities offered and also the feedback on cooperation."

The EUIPO representatives welcomed the LPO initiative to get involved in new projects, noting the institution's contribution to the working groups of various international projects, the aim of which is to develop improvements to the operation of information resources and related solutions, which would result in more convenient and faster resolution of issues related to intellectual property (IP) in the electronic environment.

Highlighting the possibilities for future cooperation, EUIPO emphasized the improvement of IT solutions, introducing various innovations for more efficient service provision, the exchange of IP-related information and its explanation to the general public.

The LPO  delegation was represented by Director Agris Batalauskis, Deputy Director, Director of the Administrative and Finance Department Ēriks Rēķis, Deputy Director of the Administrative and Finance Department, Head of the Legal Division Linda Zommere, Head of the Technical Support Division Arnis Dmitruks, Director of the Trademarks and Industrial Designs Department Baiba Graube, Leading Expert Ilze Korte, Expert Regīna Voiteka-Raginska, and Leading Officer of the Development and International Cooperation Department Vineta Sondore.

The EUIPO delegation was represented by Head of the European Cooperation Service Javier Moreno, Deployed Project Manager Juris Dedushkevičs, Country Coordinator Aleksandr Maksimenkov, and the representatives of the European Cooperation Service Oliver Galaup, Kristina Vilkiene, Rocio Pérez-Hickman, Cosme Ruiz, Charo Revuelta, and Tamara Guillon.