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This year, nine teams in three grade-groups have become the laureates of the Creative Intellectual schoolchildren competition. In total, 51 teams from 26 Latvian schools competed for the prizes, and the competition laureates have been selected by the jury panel. The prize winners will be announced and welcomed at the awards ceremony at the Riga Motor Museum on 30 November. The winning team of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Schoolchildren’s Medal will be announced as well.

All teams will receive letters of thanks, and the awards winners will also receive diplomas and prizes.

Congratulations to the nominated laureates:

  1. RI komanda (RI Team) - 6th grade students Marta Virbule, Sanita Skrimble (teacher Kristīne Balta), Aizkraukle Regional Secondary School;
  2. Trīs draugi var daudz (Three friends can do a lot) - 6th grade students Agate Šmite, Ēriks Bambāns, Jēkabs Klagišs (teacher Liene Klagiša), Druva Secondary School;
  3. Patents nav tiks sarežģīts vārds, kā liekas, bet, lai to iegūtu – ir jāzina lietas! (The word “patent” is not as complicated as it seems, but to obtain a patent you need knowledge!) – 4th grade students Lote Vēvere, Laura Kromāne (teacher Vitnija Kokoreviča), Riga French Lycee;
  4. EXTRA mopsīši (EXTRA Pug Doggies) - 6th grade students Alīna Neija, Rūta Židova, Evelīna Ostvalde (teacher Kristīne Balta), Aizkraukle Region Secondary School;
  5. Ekskluzīvās partneres (Exclusive partners) - 6th grade students Krista Grigoroviča, Evelīna Laukazīle (teacher Kristīne Balta), Aizkraukle Region Secondary School;
  6. Dreamteam – 9th grade students Dana Kadeka, Gerda Ābele (teacher Kristīne Zemture), Ventspils Secondary School No. 6 and Ugale Secondary School respectively;
  7. Neierobežots radošums (Unlimited Creativity) – 4th course students Sjuzanna Sileviča, Andželika Degterjova, Viktorija Papariga (teacher Solvita Kozlovska), Jekabpils Agrobusiness College;
  8. Intelektuālais sprādziens (Intellectual Explosion) - Babītes vidusskolas 11. klase; skolēni Elīna Čirkuna, Kārlis Riekstiņš (skolotāja Krista Kristiāna Kristapsone);
  9. Mācies, radi, motivē! (Learn, Create, Motivate!) – 11th grade students Ralfs Romanovs, Mārtiņš Ulpe, Markuss Martinkus (teacher Zenta Juranča), Preili State Gymnasium.

“I am pleased that every year we receive an increasing number of entries. It means that Latvian students are interested in the topic of intellectual and industrial property, and that it becomes of growing importance. This year we have surpassed last year's record number of entries, receiving 51 team applications. I would like to thank all the students for submitting their works and the teachers for supporting their students. I am sure that in the future, developing their innovative solutions or businesses, students will be able to protect their intellectual property," notes Agris Batalauskis, Director of the Patent Office.

The participants in the competition were invited to develop two creative assignments on intellectual property issues that would be relevant to their peers, such as inventions and patents, trademarks, designs, protection against counterfeiting, and the importance of industrial property in business.

The students could carry out these creative tasks in different ways, e. g. by filming, producing texts, drawing, photographing, using various multimedia and interactive solutions, as well as by other creative expressions.

This year, the teams actively used digital tools and solutions to create assignments. The largest number of entries were about trademarks.

“A number of teams concentrated on game development, thus addressing and attracting their peers. Although a large number of teams were inspired by some popular games and used them to adapt to the topic of intellectual property, the jury paid special attention to the students’ original works. A wide range of the topics was covered this year as compared to the previous one. Young people explored copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs, as well as geographical indications and the damage caused by counterfeiting," noted Inguna Gruntiņa, Deputy Director of the Development and International Cooperation Department of the Patent Office, and a member of the jury panel.

All applications were evaluated by six jury members:

  1. Brigita Tērauda (The Association of Patent Attorneys of Latvia)
  1. Jevgeņija Gainutdinova (The Latvian National Group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
  1. Inga Bolmane (Junior Achievement Latvia)
  1. Sandra Falka (The National Centre for Education)
  1. Dace Liberte (The Industrial Property Board of Appeal)
  1. Inguna Gruntiņa (The Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia)

10th - 12th grade students have been most active in submitting entries. Students could submit their works from 5 September to 20 October. The Patent Office have already held the Creative Intellectual schoolchildren competition before. Last year 48 teams in different age groups took part in it.

The Patent Office organize the competition in cooperation with their partners - the National Centre for Education, Junior Achievement Latvia, the Association of Patent Attorneys of Latvia, and the Latvian National Group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI).