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This week, the stand with the slogan "Authentic is eternal!", created by the Latvian Patent Office and Liepaja city municipality as part of The European Network of Authenticities project, was installed in the Tennis Hall of the Liepaja Olympic Centre (LOC) (Liedaga Street 7). The stand will be displayed in the Tennis Hall for the following months. Its aim is to inform the public about the negative impact of counterfeits and to highlight the value of authentic products.

Have you ever thought about the damage caused by fakes and the effects of counterfeit consumption? Why is it important to think about originality and what is the authenticity of Liepaja? Anyone interested is invited to learn more about counterfeits and the importance of authenticity by visiting the LOC Tennis Hall, where the specially designed interactive information stand of the Latvian Patent Office and Liepaja city municipality, which is part of the Authenticities project activities, is on display.

stends LOC tenisa hallē

To better understand the importance of the issue, the stand displays fake brands confiscated by the Customs Board of the State Revenue Service, for example counterfeit PRADA shoes, Louis Vuitton handbags, and CHANEL perfumes. It is also possible to have a look at the original TUTAS LIETAS products and find out why the manufacturer is the only one that can create and sell toys and other goods of this design. Also, the visitors of the stand can see and compare the original products of the Under Armour company and their fakes, as well as find out how to distinguish original potency-enhancing drugs from their counterfeits. On the other hand, the stand highlights the importance of authenticity and presents the uniqueness of Liepaja, giving you a chance to experience the difference between the real wind and the wind product, as well as to learn about other special and unique things that are part of Liepaja's authenticity and identity.

It is also worth mentioning that LOC takes care of its intellectual property by protecting its trademark since 2018:

At the beginning of this year, the municipality of Liepaja signed the memorandum of understanding with the Latvian Patent Office on cooperation in The European Network of Authenticities project, involving joint activities of the municipality and the Latvian Patent Office with the aim of raising awareness of Liepaja’s citizens of intellectual property protection, educating people in forming daily habits of buying authentic products, as well as promoting Liepaja as a city that recognizes authentic products and does everything necessary to fight against counterfeits and their distribution. This summer, the citizens and guests of Liepaja have already had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the stand at the Sea Festival and the Summer Sound Festival.

"Authentic is eternal!" -  this is the slogan with which the city of Liepaja joined The European Network of Authenticities project, advocating for original, authentic products and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Until now, such European cities as Thessaloniki and Mykonos (Greece), Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), Madrid (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), and Liepāja (Latvia) have joined  the project.

The project is implemented by the municipality of Liepaja in cooperation with the Latvian Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office within the framework of the Authenticities project.